How quick is your delivery?
We will work as quickly as you need us to. Each item has a fast turnaround –  we offer different types of product that sets how quickly we work – our Priority is getting quality products to you for when you need them. So keep us in the picture and we will work with you to get it to where it needs to be.

I’ve noticed a mistake, can I change my order?
If you are suppling artwork please check your design carefully before you send it to us. We offer fantastic prices by automating our process as much as possible. Whilst we do have humans working on the jobs and our process has hundreds of checks that we carry out they can’t notice everything. If we are creating the artwork for you please check the proof completely and ensure that you are 100% happy with the design.  checking for telephone numbers, dates, times, addresses, prices and spelling before you order. Unfortunately, if you spot an error after you have signed/approved the job, we may not be able to rectify it. Please let us know of any errors as soon as you notice them as we may be able to stop a job mid-process, however there may be costs in doing so.

Can I cancel my order?
Once you’ve placed an order, your order will begin our automated production process. As we’re manufacturing something just for you, it’s not possible to cancel your order once we begin if no materials have been used and no time spent then a £25 cancelation fee can apply, however if we have already processed the order through the system its to late. In all cases let us know as soon as possible.

Why am I being charged VAT?
Since we sell lots of different products, all our prices exclude VAT. We’ll add VAT to your order at the current rate depending on the products you order. Leaflets are normally zero rated, however its best to ask to be sure.

How can I pay?
We are happy to accept payment in the form of cheques, debit cards or cash. We also take credit cards. We require full payment before we start work, unless you have applied and been granted a credit account.

Is my artwork “print ready”?
Suppling print ready artwork is easy when you know what we need, that’s why we have put together a print ready artwork specification sheet to help. If your artwork does not meet these requirements let us know and we can get a price for bringing the artwork up to specification or creating the artwork in our design studio.

Can you mail our printed material for us?
Yes! For postcards, brochures and newsletters, we will be glad to mail your print to a list of mailing addresses that you supply. You'll just have to provide your mailing list as a .CSV file when placing your order. Please see our Fulfilment page for more information on all aspects of our mailing services.

Can I send you documents created in MS Word or PowerPoint?
No. If you have created documents in Word or PowerPoint that contain photos, clip-art, or other colour images, convert them to PDFs before supplying them to us. They will need to follow our print ready artwork specification.